Real time face recognition in the cloud and more
Grow you business with a full range of Neurolab Cloud™ Solutions
  • Face detection
    The system ignores the extraneous elements to detect facial features
  • Recognition from a video stream
    The system automatically identifies the new and previously recorded faces from it’s database.
  • Lists
    Make lists of people, search and report events
  • Visitor demographics
    Get the visitors demographic data to generate a target audience report
You need it if you are:
a Store
Theft prevention, regular visitors identification
a Bank
Service quality and security improvement, fraud prevention
a Developer
Invasions’ detection and entry/exit monitoring
an Office holder
Employees’ working time recording and entry/exit monitoring
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Cloud Solutions
Find out more about the key capabilities of the Aistein™ Cloud facial recognition technology
  • Neuro PERSONS™
    Systems for face recognition, gender, age and emotions detection
  • Neuro COUNTER™
    Get more information on the number of visitors and their movement direction (entry/exit)
  • Neuro CROWD™
    Get notified upon the queues detected in a video surveillance camera’s field of vision
  • Neuro CASHDESK™
    Control your sales personnel at cash transactions and fraud
  • Neuro ACCESS™
    Open the doors automatically by face recognition technology.
  • Neuro ANPR™
    Open the gates or barriers automatically by ANPR technology
  • Events
    Select a timeframe and display all detections and recognitions of people there. Sort them by cameras or by lists using the filters.
  • Search
    Upload a photo to the system to get all detections of the recognized person found. Search might be also executed by names or by lists.
  • Lists
    Sort people in groups by characteristics, shall that be employees, suspicious visitors or regular clients.
  • Analytics
    Select events or lists to get reports. Data can be uploaded to easy-to-use Excel charts.
  • Useful notifications
    Get informed on a new face or a listed visitor by push notifications
  • Access Control System
    Access control system recognizes faces, detectes masks and body temperature of the visitors.
Hardware Devices
Our custom made hardware solutions with its own neural networks accelerators (TPUs)
  • Neuro CAMERA™
    The easiest way to use all Aisten Cloud™ AI capabilities
  • Neuro BRIDGE™
    Connect up to 32 existing CCTV cameras to the Aistein Cloud™ AI
  • Neuro NVR™
    Record and store all the data from CCTV cameras on your side
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