Face Access Control System (FACS) based on AI technology
  • Employees’ face video recognition
  • Online access control service
  • Working hours reporting
You can leave your plastic card at home.
Not your face.
Easy 6-steps integration plan
Video surveillance equipment installation
Site’s entrances and exits to be equipped with the FACS running video surveillance cameras
Equipment connection to controllers
Connect the door lock or your turngate controllers to the cameras’ alarm output to open them automatically once the employee's face has been recognized
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Once a person appears before the camera the video recording is being saved in the system and the service would send a signal to the cameras to open the doors if a person recognized appears to be on the "whitelist"
To activate personal access, upload the visitors’ photos to the service. You can also manage it further as needed
If you want to get notified when some unwanted visitors enter the premises, upload their photos or just mark their previously recognised faces in the service
Employees’ working time recording
Get reports for each employee's arrival and departure time, as well as the total working hours’ amount
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