Neuro ANPR™
Automatic license plate recognition and video surveillance system
  • Access control (PACS)
  • Online access control management
  • Vehicle reports
What’s inside the service?
Main Neuro CLOUD™ advantage compared to many other video recognition services is that it can work with 99% of cameras to automate vehicle access control. You do not need any ANPR function in your cameras to connect to Aistein CLOUD™.
  • Remote control
    Authorized vehicle access lists remote managing
  • Video logging and reports
    Get all the data you need: number of vehicles, length of stay and each passage video recording
  • License plate recognition
    • up to 60 plates per min
    • up to 200 km/h
  • Plate Access Control System
    Automatic barrier/gate opening upon vehicle entry/exit
Simple 6-steps work plan
Video surveillance equipment installation
Eqip your entrance gates with video surveillance cameras
Equipment connection
Connect your barrier controller to the camera alarm output.
Get your access to Neuro CLOUD™
To activate the license plate recognition please sign up to the Neuro CLOUD™
Create lists
Create whitelists / stoplists for vehicle access control
Once a whitelisted number is detected the barrier will automatically open
Video recording
Get each vehicle passage with the date and time in saved videos in your Neuro CLOUD™ account
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