Fraud and error prevention at cash registers
  • Cash transactions detailing & video recording
  • Cashier’s or buyer’s suspicious actions detection
  • Cash center analytical reports
Cash Register Control System
Motivate your salespeople, maintain the performance discipline and match the visitors flow with your sales plan using Neuro CASHDESK video analytics.
  • Сash transactions control
    Automatic detection of the main forms of incorrect or potentially fraudulent use of the cash register
  • Suspicious acts video registration
    Should any suspicious operation be detected, you will have a separate video recording of the cashier's actions stored in real time and in the archive.
  • Suspicious operations search
    A set of filters and parameters for suspicious transactions detection can quickly find suspicious transactions, whether related to inventory or deleted receipts.
  • Reports and analytics
    Multiple reports will help you analyze the employees’ efficiency when working with cash registers, merchandise, goods, discounts and loyalty cards.
Сash register troubleshooting
How Neuro CASHDESK™ helps to solve the common fraud cases at the cash register:
  • The product is sold, no receipt issued, the cashier cancels items and takes the clients money.
  • Get a video record every time the cashier removes items or clears the receipt.
  • The goods are scanned with a discount but the client pays the full price, the cashier takes the difference.
  • All events with discounts and loyalty cards listed for your quick and easy analysis.
  • The cashier performs the refund operation, returns the money, and lets the customer keep the product.
  • See if the goods are handed back or not in the video recordings of all the refunds performed.
Simple 6-steps work plan
Equipment installation
Сonnect your own cameras to Neuro CASHDESK™ or request the turnkey equipment installation and choose your subscription plan.
Cash-register integration
Any cash-register can be integrated to Neuro CASHDESK™ by API docking, collecting information from the cash registers and sending it to the cloud.
Video registration
Synchronize the archive of your cash register data connected to the camera's video streams via the Neuro CASH DESK cloud service by schedule or online.
Video clips storage
Depending on the subscription type, get your perfect storage time for video clips (also available online from local storage) and cash transactions.
Control functions
Neuro CASHDESK™ will automatically mark all abnormal and fraudulent receipts and events. You can also specify the receipt data by a text search or various filters.
Use several types of statistical and analytical reports with abnormal values markup to find out all manipulation of time and product with receipt, considering the discounts and loyalty cards.
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