Neuro CROWD™
Human flow and queue optimization cloud AI solution
Optimize your visitors flow, reduce queue waiting time and improve the quality of your service
New visitors flow solution by Neuro™
  • Personnel efficiency boost
    Motivate your salespeople, maintain the performance discipline and match the visitors flow with your sales plan using Aistein CROWD video analytics
  • Higher client loyalty
    Get rid of queues knowing everything about them - when they form, how many people are in every queue. A shot-by-shot breakdown available for better analysis.
  • Lower customer disputes
    Make it a better place for a customer by creating a perfect shift schedule and premises space optimisation based on Aistein CROWD statistics
  • Faster payment process
    Outperform your daily income analyzing the reports from every cash register on how the queues form with breakdowns for each of them
Go with Neuro CROWD™ for:
Automatic queue detection

Find every queue detected in the queue list. A recording can be seen in the queue’s information

Detailed queue information
Aistein CROWD offers detailed information on each separate queue - when it forms, how many people are there, etc. A shot-by-shot breakdown available for better analysis
Instant queue notifications
Every time a queue is detected the employee in charge gets an e-mail notification to quickly resolve the situation by opening another cash register
Queue analytics and reports
Get a comparing report for problem areas per one or several locations to identify your peak traffic hours and queue trends
You need it if you are:
an Outlet
Manage the queues and your cashiers’ schedule receiving instant notifications to open an additional payment terminal
a Bank
Make your clients even more loyal, having the customer service time and your employees’ operation under control
a Pickup point
Reduce order waiting times, plan workloads, and schedule additional staff
a Services
Run the queue times down , manage your shift schedules and plan the client records
Cost calculation
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