Face recognition AI based video analytics service
  • Increase your sales and LTV scores
  • Recognize returning and VIP customers
  • Get rid of shoplifters in your store
See the full picture of what your customers are doing — simply connect your current CCTV system to our Neuro Cloud AI™, no additional equipment needed*
What’s inside the offer?
Find out more about the key capabilities of facial recognition based video analytics modules.
  • Returning clients statistics
    Neuro CLOUD provides you with multiple reports based on your data so that you can adjust your ad campaigns to your current goals, should it be more new clients or better current LTV
  • Know your client
    With Neuro CLOUD you can make various lists of VIP and regular clients to increase your Customer Satisfaction Outlet level. You can also make warning or stop lists for non grata parsons or rum customers.
  • Age and gender statistics
    Neuro CLOUD reports help you gain a better understanding of your main target groups of clients so you can easily and timely adjust your ad campaign settings to optimize your expenses and profits.
  • Customer conversion rate
    Multiple reports of Neuro CLOUD are available to help you control your personnell performance when working with cash registers, loyalty cards, merchandise, and discounts.
  • Cash register fraud prevention
    Using the suspicious operation detecting algorithms Neuro CLOUD can automatically recognize the basic endangering and wrong operations at the cash register, from inventories to deleted receipts. Should any suspicious operation be detected, a high-quality video recording of the cashier's actions is stored in real-time and in the archive
  • Queue monitoring
    Neuro CLOUD queue monitoring system helps you with the cashiers’ time schedule optimisation as you can analyze the queue occurrence dynamics and improve the client satisfaction rate.
For small business
As a small business you do not want to spend tons of money on expensive hardware and software, equipment, and complex integrations. Neuro CLOUD system just needs one (or more) cameras of any brand (99% of devices can be used) to start working for you.
Simple 3-step Work Plan
Three steps to make your data work for you:

Video surveillance system equipment installation

Neuro CLOUD goes with 99% of devices in the video surveillance market


Equipment connection to the cloud video surveillance service

It is very easy and fast to connect your cameras to Neuro CLOUD video surveillance service.


Choose and connect the video analytics modules you need

Neuro CLOUD provides you with a wide range of video analytics modules for dozens of tasks an offline business really needs. All modules are available in an intuitive unified interface.

For major retailers
Use the Neuro CLOUD to make your major retailer enterprise the “Next Generation Store”. Just choose from a number of additional video analytics modules, like merchandising automation module, to seese the goals. With its accessible and intuitive interface the Neuro CLOUD can be integrated into any corporate business system via the direct access using our API
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